vrijdag 13 augustus 2010

4 simple goals (before 2011)

I was inspired by Elsie Flannigans blogpost yesterday (www.abeautifulmess.typepad.com). She suggested a project, or name it challenge: set 4 simple goals for the remaining months of 2010. Choose goals which enrich your daily life, choose personal goals and make them activity-bases. And blog about the goals and how to achieve them (because of Elsies challenge, these blogs only in English).

Well, why not give it a try ...

So, I've set also these extra rules for my simple goals:
• they have to be realistic
• and therefore, they have to fit in my/our everyday life, next to family (of course, the girls, husband and animals come above everything) and job

And, ta da, these are my four simple goals (quite simple when you read it, but writing it down give a certain sense of 'I really have to try, no do, it'):

1 keep on crocheting and use my own creativity for designs, also trying to get more (paid) commissions or even making plans for an Etsy-store for my creations and patterns/designs ... (because when I keep everything for ourselves, the house will be stuffed ...)

2 start writing that book!!

3 find a -for me- proper way of keeping a diary. I think I'll try it with a picture, accompanied with a few words every day.

4 keep in shape, ha ha, I lost some weight during the holidays, at least, my cloths tell me so. So, it'll be a good goal to keep it that way.

So, off we go with 4 simple & personal goals!

Thanks for visiting, tot de volgende keer !!! XXX

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Gaat je lukken hoor!
    Ik doe al mee met nr. 4, doen we het een beetje samen...hahahaa
    Wat betreft dat dagboek: Schrijf elke dag 1 woord waarmee je zegt wat die dag voor jou betekende, of hoe je je voelde, of wat belangrijk was, o.i.d.
    Weet je dat dat al een heel goed begin is! En het is niet moeilijk.
    Fijn weekend!
    ~X~ Karin

  2. OOh what a gorgeous photo of your girls! They are adorable. I bet they are so entertaining! What fun! Do they help you with baking? I wish my two daughters were young again! Now 24.
    Have a happy weekend with your Children Isolde!
    Hugs suex

  3. Very admirable Isolde. I think those are good goals. Your children are lovely....

  4. Fantastic goals, very interested in that book! Plus, an Etsy store is a great thing to have, can't wait to see your plans for it :)

    Here are my goals...