dinsdag 24 augustus 2010

simple goal 3: dialy diary 8/23 & 8/24

De laatste dag voor Dustin met kap, vanmiddag mogen de hechtingen eruit. Het oog ziet er goed uit.

Dustins final day with hood, later this afternoon the stitches will be removed. The eye is looking good!

De tweede schooldag, gelukkig zon en niet de regen van gisteren. En weer twee nieuwe juffen ... Even wennen hoor, al die nieuwe juffen ...

Second day of school, sun and not yesterdays horrible rain at the first day. And today again, two new teachers. I have to get used to four new teachers for our two daughters ...

Thanks for visiting, tot de volgende keer !!! XXX

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  1. Hi Isolde,
    how are you?
    Sorry i haven't been over, been rather busy.
    School time has come round again, I think they start back in the UK next week.
    Its a time for change around this time. But everyone soon settles down again,
    Hugs and Love Suex
    P.S. I love the photos you put on your blog! x