woensdag 15 september 2010

4 simple goals, update

Wow, blogpost nr. 102 already (I really missed out on 100 and then again on 101). My update on my four simple goals ... (two days late actually, I intended on writing it on the same date as the announcement, but that didn't work out as planned).

Remember, on August 13th I wrote here about how I got inspired by Elsie Flannigan and her project with four simple and personal goals before 2011.

Let's tell you about how every goal is doing right now ...

1 crocheting
Well, almost everyday I crochet ... I try doing it in my spare time between working, caring for the kids and getting enough exercise, etc.
It just is so much fun seeing projects grow and grow. I even did some designing on my computer, for blankets (now make them) and 'in real life' on some bags. I am trying to make some items for my Etsy-shop (which I still am dedicated to opening later this year.
So, it is partly making plans, partly making stuff. Fun to do and fun to think about. You never know what will happen later this year.

2 writing that book
Well, it is not good to talk and write about that a lot actually. I have a plan, I have a story in mind, I try to sit and write on a structural basis, but it takes lots of time (also). It is a long term project, not too simple actually, but hey, I made a start. That is good!

3 daily diary
May be you noticed it already. I seriously started something. I try to make a picture everyday, give it a facelift with a nice iPhone-app and post it on the blog with a few lines. I even started a special blog for those daily diaries ...: daily diary

4 keep in shape
Up till now I am quite happy with what I do.
I am a member of the local sports and health center (which luckily is just around the corner of our home). I try to go there at least once a week for Zumba-lessons (so much fun), and preferably twice a week. I even will try something else soon ...
The toughest challenge is keep on doing it ... But, since I have to pay for it every month, at least that motivates on going regularly ;-)

So, I think myself I am doing quite fine with my simple goals.
Next month a new update!

Thanks for visiting, tot de volgende keer !!! XXX

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